3 Ways To Deal With Verbal Abuse In The Workplace

Verbal abuse in the workplace is becoming more and more common but, here’s the question. In what world is verbally abusing someone at work considered to be ok?

You know as well as I do that there are always going to be conflicts in the workplace but being verbally abusive shouldn’t be the way of handling them.

Conflicts happen because of differing opinions on the job being done or the direction the company is taking but workplace verbal abuse that is used by a bully has a much more serious impact on the targeted person.

Yes, the workplace bully uses verbal abuse to target people with one goal in mind, to break them down and take away their self confidence, productivity and increase their stress levels to the point they either leave or are terminated from the company.

So, what can you do if you find yourself being verbally abused by someone where you work? Here are three steps you should take right away.

First you need to call it like it is and realize that this is really happening to you. So, if you are suffering from workplace verbal abuse, you must admit that this abuse and the abuser is the problem just like you would call out your smoking habit if you are diagnosed with cancer.

After you admit and accept the fact that you are being bullied at work, the second thing you need to do is to use your sick leave, vacation time or any means available to you so you will have time to heal and plan.

During this time you might want to seek professional help both medically and emotionally.This will bring into perspective all that you are going through and help you to realize that this abuse is NOT your fault.

You did not cause this to happen and it’s not really about you, it’s always about the bully.
This extra time off would be a great time to do a job search too as most people that are targeted by a bully at work end up either leaving the job voluntarily or are terminated because of the bully’s deceptive practices.

Now that you have taken those steps the last thing you need to do is expose the bully to the management by using an approach which shows what this behavior is actually costing the company.
That’s right, you will have to do some research on it to find out how many good employees have left because of the verbal abuse and what the overall cost to the company is. You will probably end up losing your job over this entire situation but you will be able to hold your head high proudly knowing that you did the right thing.