About Us

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”

Judith Munson

Judith is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker,  Workplace Facilitator, and Author who brings many years of experience in such areas as conflict resolution, change management and other workplace issues, such as dealing with workplace bullies.

Her unique methods for training management  focuses on how to move forward and work together. These methodologies  have proven to be extremely successful with the clients she has served such as The Coporon Law Offices, The Migrant Head Start Teachers Association of Northern California and Hagen/Sinclair Market Research, just to name a few.

Judith  authored the very popular e-books,  “The Seven Deadly Pitfalls in the Workplace; Recognizing and Managing Problem Behaviors Before They Bite You on the Butt”, “Rising Above The Workplace Bully”, “The Silent Epidemic – Workplace Bullying”, “Recognizing The Traits Of A Workplace Bully” along with her current book, “Alligators in the Water Cooler; A Guide to Identifying Bullies & Their Buddies in the Workplace.”

The passion behind Judith’s work and books comes from her own experiences of being bullied and mobbed at work. It took her 7 years to overcome the trauma it created.

Judith has dedicated herself to educating companies and individuals on how to reduce the impact of bullying and mobbing and the effect it has on  company morale and productivity.

See her video story below