Workplace Intimidation

Just like being bullied at school, those that would intimidate and bully their co-workers have been found to suffer with a low self-esteem or possibly they themselves have been intimidated and bullied at one time.

Being intimidated at work is fairly commonplace in a lot of organizations, but, it can be problematic when it comes to identifying the behavior and even more difficult to figure out the best way to handle it.

Within some working environments, it seems that these bullying behaviors are just standard operating procedure where you just need to go with the flow and stay tough so that coping with it isn’t too big of a problem.

But, if you are working in a place where you are being intimidated, verbally abused, threatened and bullied, it will have a really adverse effect on your work performance and end up killing your confidence.

They will use their intimidating tactics to gain power with the ultimate goal of making themselves feel more important and giving them more power over you and the other people in the workplace.

The intimidating tactics vary but will include actions like: being verbally abusive, putting down your work or you personally which can include your family, your education and your economic background.

When you find yourself having to cope with the bully’s intimidating behavior, don’t forget that the person doing the bullying is doing it in order to cope with their own issues and not because you did anything wrong to deserve it.

The workplace bully is often motivated by jealousy over your accomplishments, your confidence and the fact that you are doing things so well. That isn’t any excuse for the behavior though.

Being intimidated at work might involve excluding or isolating you from certain situations and using psychological abuse. They will give you pointless tasks that are not related to your job or they might give you jobs that are impossible to finish in the given time or with the resources provided.

Workplace intimidation isn’t always obvious to the other workers, but over time, it can really hurt you if you are the one being targeted.

Without exception, no one deserves to be intimidated and bullied at work. All workers have a right to be able to come to work at a place that doesn’t include these types of behaviors.

Please take some time right now to explore the rest of this website for more information about being intimidated at work that can help you deal with your situation.

Intimidation and Bullying, All The Rave These Days?

Some people will tell you that bullies in the playground at school are basically harmless and are just having a little fun so tell your kid to get over it.

That’s OK if you are the bullies parents but what about the mockery made of the child that was victimized? And, how long do you expect them to put up with it before doing something drastic or just giving up on themselves completely?

See, the kids are not really able to escape the torment because they are required to attend school and if they don’t show up they will be in a lot of trouble with the school officials and their parents especially.

Now we jump forward to the working environment and guess what? The bullies are here also. They just graduated from school and brought their toxic behaviors right into the workplace with them.

Now you have choices. Unlike school, you are not stuck in the job and can leave at any time but not without consequences of course. Quitting job after job will not look good on your resume nor is it good for advancement qualifications.

The fact is that you might be stuck with being bullied at work without being able to do anything about it because you probably need the job for financial security and for building your career.

When you find yourself in the sights of a workplace bully, the best thing to do is to make a plan to deal with it and stick to your plan. Don’t let the bully drive you down so far that you suffer with emotional and physical health problems.

And, remember that this is NOT your fault and no matter what the bully says, you definitely did NOT cause this.

Workplace Mobbing How To Avoid The Effects Of It

If you have been in the workforce very long you may have been the target of workplace mobbing in one form or another.

This can be in the form of a few people that disagree with another’s workplace habits all the way up to where there is outright conflict between two or more workers against one individual, hence the term workplace mobbing.

These mobbing situations vary widely along with the remedies that will turn a workplace from being extremely toxic to one of cooperation and productivity.

A target of workplace mobbing is generally female, shy or introverted and one that does not want to cause any waves or report anything to their superiors because of the fear of retaliation.

The people that engage in workplace mobbing against one of their fellow co-workers are usually lead by one person who is a stronger personality and follow along so as not to be the target of this mobbing themselves.

There is power in numbers and if one person can get one or more others to follow their lead the damages can be significant.

The target of this workplace mobbing will, over time, suffer psycological and health related problems that may last for years if not halted right away.

Talk to you immediate supervisor so that they are aware of th situation. You should also let your HR department know so there is a record of your reporting it.

Keep a journal of the times and things that are happening to you through this workplace mobbing incidents, like how often they occur, what is said or done and the exact time and date of these occurrences.

You need to make your leadership know what is going on so that it can be brought to an abrupt halt before there is any damage done to either the person being mobbed or to the company’s productivity.

Workplace Bullies Know How To Manipulate You

Workplace Bullies can be manipulative both negatively and positively. How we handle these manipulations can be extremely important to the way our day goes.

Even though we would like to think that the people we work with every day are well-adjusted, healthy minded individuals, we sometimes realize that it just isn’t so.

Have you ever had times when your workday is going along smoothly and without incident then Bang, you get blindsided by a workplace bully who manages to suck the wind out of you with their harassment and negativity?

A lot of the time you can shrug it off and take it with a grain of salt but other times it just drives you into the ground it’s so bad.

You might have a great positive attitude normally, but when you are forced to work around these negative, narcissistic workplace bullies on a day to day basis, it wears you down, robs you of your happiness, productivity and over-all self worth.

It makes you feel negative too.

Some of these workplace bullies can have a really negative impact on us. And, even though we all have our issues, some of these people’s issues can affect us in a very negative way especially if they are verbally abusive or intimidating at work.

These bullying kinds of behaviors in the workplace will greatly affect our creativity and productivity at work.

They grind away at our mental well being. They drive down our self-esteem and generally cause our lives to be in a constant state of uncertainty.

They can suck the life out of us and even cause major health problems which could shorten our lifespan.

These individuals (workplace bullies) are experts at these tactics and you may not even realize you have been manipulated until it is too late.

These individuals figure out what your weaknesses are, and will use them to get what they want.

They have a way of compromising your belief systems and taking away your self-esteem.

They find ways of manipulating you to make you do things that you don’t necessarily want to do and before you know it, you lose your sense of identity, your personal priorities and your ability to see the reality of the situation.

All of a sudden you realize that the world becomes centered around their needs and their priorities.

The best defense against these defeatist personalities is to arm yourself with the information available and educate yourself so you will be able to detect the workplace bully by his actions long before it is too late and real damage is done to you.

Have You Witnessed Workplace Bullying?

What Should You Do When You Witness Workplace Bullying?

This might be tough, but when a lot of people witness bullying in the work environment, they normally disregard it and don’t do anything about it. A lot of individuals will simply keep their mouths shut. This makes the individual being bullied feel simply that much worse about exactly what is occurring.Rather than overlooking it and hoping it will all go away, (it never ever does) there is one thing you could do when you witness workplace bullying and that is to speak up and notify the proper authorities!

Research does show that even though 95 % of co-workers understand when somebody is being verbally mistreated, daunted or bullied, just about 8 % of them actually did something about it. 28 % of these witnesses sympathized with what was occurring and offered some kind of support to the target. The rest of them did definitely nothing at all or, if you can imagine, they sided with the bully!

Why is it that many people do not do anything when they see bullying happening?

The biggest reason we’ve discovered for this inaction on the part of the witnesses is simply being afraid. As much as we dislike to see others get harmed, we typically have ideas like, “I’m delighted it’s not me.” Witnesses are typically scared that speaking up might turn them into a target and, they are generally.

It is a genuine possibility since, hardly anyone who witnesses any type of workplace bullying first hand wishes to take the bull (bully) by the horns and discuss it with their manager or report it to the correct authorities.

Just remember this though, if you do nothing, you can be thought about as an accomplice to the bully. Please, state something to someone, even if it’s simply a few words of support to the person that is being victimized.

Below is a really fascinating case history that we discovered.

Physicians are commonly seen bullying those around them especially in the operating space. In light of this, registered nurses worldwide have developed what is called a “Code Pink.” This is how it works, if a doctor starts bullying a nurse, various other nurses in the vicinity will form a circle around them.

They will also show assertive body language and gaze at the physician till he recognizes that this isn’t really appropriate. This is a strong way of mentioning that no one will tolerate bullying, and it commonly sends out such a convincing message to the person doing the bullying that it prevents it from taking place again.

Please do something if it is obvious that bullying is going on where you work. You might effectively be conserving the wellness or even the life of the person getting bullied, it’s that vital!

Is Workplace Verbal Abuse Stifling Your Career?

If where you work isn’t stressful, count your lucky stars, most workplaces carry a certain bullying-cartoonamount of stress with them. With this stress, tempers can flair occasionally and feelings can sometimes be hurt by the words that come out of our mouths.

This is only one type of workplace verbal abuse and usually only happens Sporadically.

Our website was put up to inform people not only about the occasional rant but more importantly about a consistent form of workplace verbal abuse that can be considered outright bullying to the ones being targeted.

It is this type of abuse that is used as a measured type of bullying and harassment that the perpetrator will use to undermine another person’s confidence, self respect, dignity and reliability at work.

Workplace verbal abuse is common in most organizations to one extent or another.

It can be just small innuendos or little statements which ridicule the target every so often or maybe a supervisor that has a chip on his shoulder and thinks the way to get production is to badger people into it.

Down to earth jobs like the construction trades may have more instances of verbal abuse compared to other workplaces such as large retail stores or offices.

Nevertheless, it is a common occurrence that 80% of workers suffer with in one form or another.

As a general rule, verbal abuse in the workplace is done by a supervisor or higher up in the company and stems from being a disciplinarian that has then escalated to consistent verbal abuse of the people under his authority.
It’s not always the boss or manager doing the abusing!

That doesn’t mean that the person in charge will always be the one verbally abusing to gain control over their target by belittling them.

Co-workers can also be responsible for verbally abusing their counterparts and do it as a controlling measure to make the target feel lower in stature thereby making themselves look and feel even more important.

The apparent reasoning for this workplace verbal abuse is generally all over the map, from the controlling boss wanting to keep his workers in a subservient role to a jealous co-worker wanting to earn points with the management.

There are several ways to combat this abuse if you are not willing to cope with it anymore and you have pretty much done your best to either ignore or stay away from the abuser.

At times it might look like the abuse will never end especially when it continues to escalate in both frequency and severity, but there are things you can do to stop this abuse in it’s tracks.
This verbal abuse is NOT your fault!

First of all understand that the perpetrator of this workplace verbal abuse does this because of their own lack of confidence and insecurity.

In other words their insecurities cause them to verbally abuse those around them to prop up their own confidence and make themselves look good in both the eyes of their peers and in most cases the company’s management too.
Workplace verbal abuse is something that you will have to stand up to and take control of.

When you set your boundaries to stop the verbal abuse at work, you will, in most cases, see the abuser stop mistreating you and, more than likely, move on to another target. (Remember it’s their insecurities causing the abuse, not you).

Going Through Loss Of Self Respect From Being Bullied At Work

Here are some things you can do to start healing yourself from being bullied, mobbed or harassed at work by your co-workers or your boss.

As with any traumatic situation, we all experience a loss of some sort. In most cases we experience loss of self respect and the ability to work as before in a secure environment without being bullied.

What happens when you are having those feelings of loss?

The Five Steps of Loss:

1. Denial: You do not believe this is happening or has happened to you.

2. Anger: You are angry at yourself for not seeing it coming or for sticking up for yourself. You are also angry at your employer for not doing something about it, and worse yet, for not believing you about it.

3. Bargaining: You try to bargain with the bully. You think it will get him off your back if you are nice to him by saying what he wants to hear or by doing what he wants you to do even if it is beyond reasonable. What you have done is give the bully more power over you because you have now demonstrated you will do anything to make this stop.

4. Depression: The bully will not stop. No one understands what is taking place and your family and friends are tired of hear you complain about this person. You have no one to talk to and you find yourself withdrawing from life.

5. Acceptance: The final step You have accepted the fact that this has happened to you and you’ve realized this is not your fault. In order to remedy the situation, some form of action has to take place on your part. You can wish all you want that the situation gets better, but if you don’t take some form of action, it will remain the same.

Putting yourself first is of utmost importance.

Seek help from your family physician. If you don’t have one, go to a low-cost or free clinic. If you are experiencing abdominal pain, severe headaches, and more, get medical help immediately. By doing so you get the treatment you need and you have started a paper trail of evidence should you need it in the future.

Keep records of what is being said at work, where, when, time and who was present during this conversation. Keep this in a locked drawer at work or take it home with you every night.

Keep a personal journal at home of how you are feeling, what took place that day or each day. It’s important to journal your feelings and as you grow stronger you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

Support groups are helpful, but I caution you to find one that fits your needs and isn’t a continuous “pity party”.

Surround yourself with things that are appealing to your senses including good friends, and family. Take care of yourself.

Workplace Mobbing Is It All Against One?

Workplace mobbing is what’s normally used to describe any style of emotional abuse or work conflict like harassment or verbal abuse on the duty by more than one person.

Workplace mobbing may be thought as a psychological act of terrorism, work bullying, a hostile work atmosphere, psychological manipulation and emotional violence.

Workplace mobbing not only affects a personality’s capability to perform their job at work, it conjointly affects their physical health and mental stability even further.

The target of work mobbing ought to bear in mind that this emotional abuse can place their health in danger and must take immediate and positive steps to prevent this trauma for the sake of his or her health.

Workplace mobbing will lead the victim into the development of post traumatic stress disorder. this suggests that the person would need to find medical aid to assist him with his depression and be placed on medication if this can not be stopped now.

Workplace mobbing will cause migraine headaches, heart pain, vomiting, severe muscle pain, chronic abdomen issues, back pain and lots of different physical ailments. All of the physical issues are neurotic in nature.

On a psychological level, work mobbing will grow to be depression, insomnia, affected by anxiety or rage. work mobbing conjointly leads the victim to under perform and generally take pleasure in unreasonable and reckless behaviors like drinking in excess or doing drugs.

Researchers have found that the majority of victims of work mobbing are sometimes extremely aggressive. These individuals have a low level of tolerance which might create them to lose their cool with simply the slightest stimulant. Anxiety is the downside that a lot of work mobbing victims suffer from. they need low vanity, don’t trust anyone and fully haven’t any confidence in themselves or the individuals around them.

Workplace mobbing generally has one person or bully that enlists the assistance of others to tear the victim down, kill their confidence, sabotage their work, take credit for the target’s work and unfold false rumors concerning them.

Different workplace verbally abusive personalities

In this post on workplace intimidation, I want to point out some other types of personalities that you might find in your place of work.

It’s important because when they use verbal abuse against you at work there are some serious side effects on your own attitude that surface both at work and at home.

Constant Downers will use verbal abuse in your workplace to drive your positive attitude into the ground. These people don’t seem to have a clue that there is a positive side to life.

If you say that it’s a beautiful day, they will usually yell at you in front of others how they can’t stand the heat or the smog or the allergies they get from this time of year.

In other words, no matter what positive things you bring up either about work, your family or just life in general, they have a downside to it.

They will take the joy out of everything if you let them. Your positive outlook on life just keeps getting squashed with their negativity.

Be careful here that you don’t get so consumed with their negativity that you start looking at things their way and become a downer yourself.

People That Judge others will use verbal abuse at work and constantly question the way you do things out loud and in your face no matter whether you have orders to do them a certain way as in following company policies or if you are making decisions on your own.

They want to know the reasons you are doing things the way you are and then they will judge as to whether or not that is the right way to do them.

Believe me, it’s almost always the wrong way in their opinion. The way these people use workplace verbal abuse to judge your work and decisions is what will eventually cause you to either quit or transfer to another department.

The Dream Killers. Whenever you have a great idea that you think should be implemented, these dream killer types will use verbal abuse in the workplace to tell you why you can’t do it.

Every time you are starting to realize your dreams and ideas and put them into action, they will yell and scream and work as hard as they can to pull you down. As you dream big and get on the road to achieving your goals, they are the first ones there to tell you how impossible it all is.

The dream killers are stuck on keeping things the way they are now instead of going after what could be. Be very careful, these people will verbally abuse you to grind away at your self-esteem and the belief you have in yourself and your abilities.

Notice that all of these negative personalities have a couple of things in common.

A. The more they get away with their behaviors, the more they will continue using them.

B. Most of these people don’t realize that what they are doing is wrong so don’t waste a lot of time talking to them about it because it probably won’t make much difference if any at all.

If you can, avoid spending time with the people who display these behaviors and you’ll feel a lot happier.

3 Ways To Deal With Verbal Abuse In The Workplace

Verbal abuse in the workplace is becoming more and more common but, here’s the question. In what world is verbally abusing someone at work considered to be ok?

You know as well as I do that there are always going to be conflicts in the workplace but being verbally abusive shouldn’t be the way of handling them.

Conflicts happen because of differing opinions on the job being done or the direction the company is taking but workplace verbal abuse that is used by a bully has a much more serious impact on the targeted person.

Yes, the workplace bully uses verbal abuse to target people with one goal in mind, to break them down and take away their self confidence, productivity and increase their stress levels to the point they either leave or are terminated from the company.

So, what can you do if you find yourself being verbally abused by someone where you work? Here are three steps you should take right away.

First you need to call it like it is and realize that this is really happening to you. So, if you are suffering from workplace verbal abuse, you must admit that this abuse and the abuser is the problem just like you would call out your smoking habit if you are diagnosed with cancer.

After you admit and accept the fact that you are being bullied at work, the second thing you need to do is to use your sick leave, vacation time or any means available to you so you will have time to heal and plan.

During this time you might want to seek professional help both medically and emotionally.This will bring into perspective all that you are going through and help you to realize that this abuse is NOT your fault.

You did not cause this to happen and it’s not really about you, it’s always about the bully.
This extra time off would be a great time to do a job search too as most people that are targeted by a bully at work end up either leaving the job voluntarily or are terminated because of the bully’s deceptive practices.

Now that you have taken those steps the last thing you need to do is expose the bully to the management by using an approach which shows what this behavior is actually costing the company.
That’s right, you will have to do some research on it to find out how many good employees have left because of the verbal abuse and what the overall cost to the company is. You will probably end up losing your job over this entire situation but you will be able to hold your head high proudly knowing that you did the right thing.