Different workplace verbally abusive personalities

In this post on workplace intimidation, I want to point out some other types of personalities that you might find in your place of work.

It’s important because when they use verbal abuse against you at work there are some serious side effects on your own attitude that surface both at work and at home.

Constant Downers will use verbal abuse in your workplace to drive your positive attitude into the ground. These people don’t seem to have a clue that there is a positive side to life.

If you say that it’s a beautiful day, they will usually yell at you in front of others how they can’t stand the heat or the smog or the allergies they get from this time of year.

In other words, no matter what positive things you bring up either about work, your family or just life in general, they have a downside to it.

They will take the joy out of everything if you let them. Your positive outlook on life just keeps getting squashed with their negativity.

Be careful here that you don’t get so consumed with their negativity that you start looking at things their way and become a downer yourself.

People That Judge others will use verbal abuse at work and constantly question the way you do things out loud and in your face no matter whether you have orders to do them a certain way as in following company policies or if you are making decisions on your own.

They want to know the reasons you are doing things the way you are and then they will judge as to whether or not that is the right way to do them.

Believe me, it’s almost always the wrong way in their opinion. The way these people use workplace verbal abuse to judge your work and decisions is what will eventually cause you to either quit or transfer to another department.

The Dream Killers. Whenever you have a great idea that you think should be implemented, these dream killer types will use verbal abuse in the workplace to tell you why you can’t do it.

Every time you are starting to realize your dreams and ideas and put them into action, they will yell and scream and work as hard as they can to pull you down. As you dream big and get on the road to achieving your goals, they are the first ones there to tell you how impossible it all is.

The dream killers are stuck on keeping things the way they are now instead of going after what could be. Be very careful, these people will verbally abuse you to grind away at your self-esteem and the belief you have in yourself and your abilities.

Notice that all of these negative personalities have a couple of things in common.

A. The more they get away with their behaviors, the more they will continue using them.

B. Most of these people don’t realize that what they are doing is wrong so don’t waste a lot of time talking to them about it because it probably won’t make much difference if any at all.

If you can, avoid spending time with the people who display these behaviors and you’ll feel a lot happier.