Have You Witnessed Workplace Bullying?

What Should You Do When You Witness Workplace Bullying?

This might be tough, but when a lot of people witness bullying in the work environment, they normally disregard it and don’t do anything about it. A lot of individuals will simply keep their mouths shut. This makes the individual being bullied feel simply that much worse about exactly what is occurring.Rather than overlooking it and hoping it will all go away, (it never ever does) there is one thing you could do when you witness workplace bullying and that is to speak up and notify the proper authorities!

Research does show that even though 95 % of co-workers understand when somebody is being verbally mistreated, daunted or bullied, just about 8 % of them actually did something about it. 28 % of these witnesses sympathized with what was occurring and offered some kind of support to the target. The rest of them did definitely nothing at all or, if you can imagine, they sided with the bully!

Why is it that many people do not do anything when they see bullying happening?

The biggest reason we’ve discovered for this inaction on the part of the witnesses is simply being afraid. As much as we dislike to see others get harmed, we typically have ideas like, “I’m delighted it’s not me.” Witnesses are typically scared that speaking up might turn them into a target and, they are generally.

It is a genuine possibility since, hardly anyone who witnesses any type of workplace bullying first hand wishes to take the bull (bully) by the horns and discuss it with their manager or report it to the correct authorities.

Just remember this though, if you do nothing, you can be thought about as an accomplice to the bully. Please, state something to someone, even if it’s simply a few words of support to the person that is being victimized.

Below is a really fascinating case history that we discovered.

Physicians are commonly seen bullying those around them especially in the operating space. In light of this, registered nurses worldwide have developed what is called a “Code Pink.” This is how it works, if a doctor starts bullying a nurse, various other nurses in the vicinity will form a circle around them.

They will also show assertive body language and gaze at the physician till he recognizes that this isn’t really appropriate. This is a strong way of mentioning that no one will tolerate bullying, and it commonly sends out such a convincing message to the person doing the bullying that it prevents it from taking place again.

Please do something if it is obvious that bullying is going on where you work. You might effectively be conserving the wellness or even the life of the person getting bullied, it’s that vital!