Intimidation and Bullying, All The Rave These Days?

Some people will tell you that bullies in the playground at school are basically harmless and are just having a little fun so tell your kid to get over it.

That’s OK if you are the bullies parents but what about the mockery made of the child that was victimized? And, how long do you expect them to put up with it before doing something drastic or just giving up on themselves completely?

See, the kids are not really able to escape the torment because they are required to attend school and if they don’t show up they will be in a lot of trouble with the school officials and their parents especially.

Now we jump forward to the working environment and guess what? The bullies are here also. They just graduated from school and brought their toxic behaviors right into the workplace with them.

Now you have choices. Unlike school, you are not stuck in the job and can leave at any time but not without consequences of course. Quitting job after job will not look good on your resume nor is it good for advancement qualifications.

The fact is that you might be stuck with being bullied at work without being able to do anything about it because you probably need the job for financial security and for building your career.

When you find yourself in the sights of a workplace bully, the best thing to do is to make a plan to deal with it and stick to your plan. Don’t let the bully drive you down so far that you suffer with emotional and physical health problems.

And, remember that this is NOT your fault and no matter what the bully says, you definitely did NOT cause this.