Is Workplace Verbal Abuse Stifling Your Career?

If where you work isn’t stressful, count your lucky stars, most workplaces carry a certain bullying-cartoonamount of stress with them. With this stress, tempers can flair occasionally and feelings can sometimes be hurt by the words that come out of our mouths.

This is only one type of workplace verbal abuse and usually only happens Sporadically.

Our website was put up to inform people not only about the occasional rant but more importantly about a consistent form of workplace verbal abuse that can be considered outright bullying to the ones being targeted.

It is this type of abuse that is used as a measured type of bullying and harassment that the perpetrator will use to undermine another person’s confidence, self respect, dignity and reliability at work.

Workplace verbal abuse is common in most organizations to one extent or another.

It can be just small innuendos or little statements which ridicule the target every so often or maybe a supervisor that has a chip on his shoulder and thinks the way to get production is to badger people into it.

Down to earth jobs like the construction trades may have more instances of verbal abuse compared to other workplaces such as large retail stores or offices.

Nevertheless, it is a common occurrence that 80% of workers suffer with in one form or another.

As a general rule, verbal abuse in the workplace is done by a supervisor or higher up in the company and stems from being a disciplinarian that has then escalated to consistent verbal abuse of the people under his authority.
It’s not always the boss or manager doing the abusing!

That doesn’t mean that the person in charge will always be the one verbally abusing to gain control over their target by belittling them.

Co-workers can also be responsible for verbally abusing their counterparts and do it as a controlling measure to make the target feel lower in stature thereby making themselves look and feel even more important.

The apparent reasoning for this workplace verbal abuse is generally all over the map, from the controlling boss wanting to keep his workers in a subservient role to a jealous co-worker wanting to earn points with the management.

There are several ways to combat this abuse if you are not willing to cope with it anymore and you have pretty much done your best to either ignore or stay away from the abuser.

At times it might look like the abuse will never end especially when it continues to escalate in both frequency and severity, but there are things you can do to stop this abuse in it’s tracks.
This verbal abuse is NOT your fault!

First of all understand that the perpetrator of this workplace verbal abuse does this because of their own lack of confidence and insecurity.

In other words their insecurities cause them to verbally abuse those around them to prop up their own confidence and make themselves look good in both the eyes of their peers and in most cases the company’s management too.
Workplace verbal abuse is something that you will have to stand up to and take control of.

When you set your boundaries to stop the verbal abuse at work, you will, in most cases, see the abuser stop mistreating you and, more than likely, move on to another target. (Remember it’s their insecurities causing the abuse, not you).