There are many good books and websites on the subject of workplace issues such as bullying, mobbing, harassment and intimidation.

They all provide very good information and I have included a few of mine here to give you a variety of perspectives on this all too common problem.

Websites for you to visit:

 Rising Above

The Workplace Bully

Now you can finally put a stop to the intimidation you are going through at work and change your life for the better.

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silent epidemic cover med

The Silent Epidemic – Workplace Bullying

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The Seven Deadly Pitfalls

The Seven Deadly Pitfalls
In The Workplace

A very popular e-book by Judith Munson brings the reader up to date with the seven most common “pitfalls” in workplace bullying behaviors and what to do about them.

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Alligators In The Water Cooler

“A Guide To Identifying Bullies And Their Buddies In The Workplace”

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Alligators in the Water Cooler”


Is a compassionate and useful addition to the growing library of advice books for targets (victims) of workplace bullying.

Munson’s approach to putting personal health and life’s priorities first is spot on!
Her insight on how to detect a bullying prone employer while interviewing for a job is great.”

Gary Namie, PhD

Director, Workplace Bullying Institute
Co-author, The Bully At Work


“As a professional I was deeply touched by the description of bullies in Judith’s book and by her suggested remedies.
In describing this all-too-common workplace malady she hit the nail right on the head.”

Jon Baker, M.S. J.D.


Judith, I just bought your book about Alligators in the Water Cooler. It is so dead-on to my current situation, that I am stunned and amazed. I have been the target of mob bullying, instigated by one person. This person has done this before. I’ve been to management, but for financial purposes they do not want to take any permanent action to get rid of her. I’m so glad to have found your book because you set everything out so clearly and succinctly that it helps me keep my reality straight in my mind. Thank you so much for writing this book.I am taking the steps you suggest to remove myself from the battering and your book is giving me the strength to know that ultimately I am a good, highly qualified and intelligent human being.

C. J