Workplace Mobbing How To Avoid The Effects Of It

If you have been in the workforce very long you may have been the target of workplace mobbing in one form or another.

This can be in the form of a few people that disagree with another’s workplace habits all the way up to where there is outright conflict between two or more workers against one individual, hence the term workplace mobbing.

These mobbing situations vary widely along with the remedies that will turn a workplace from being extremely toxic to one of cooperation and productivity.

A target of workplace mobbing is generally female, shy or introverted and one that does not want to cause any waves or report anything to their superiors because of the fear of retaliation.

The people that engage in workplace mobbing against one of their fellow co-workers are usually lead by one person who is a stronger personality and follow along so as not to be the target of this mobbing themselves.

There is power in numbers and if one person can get one or more others to follow their lead the damages can be significant.

The target of this workplace mobbing will, over time, suffer psycological and health related problems that may last for years if not halted right away.

Talk to you immediate supervisor so that they are aware of th situation. You should also let your HR department know so there is a record of your reporting it.

Keep a journal of the times and things that are happening to you through this workplace mobbing incidents, like how often they occur, what is said or done and the exact time and date of these occurrences.

You need to make your leadership know what is going on so that it can be brought to an abrupt halt before there is any damage done to either the person being mobbed or to the company’s productivity.