Workplace Mobbing Is It All Against One?

mobbing-7Workplace mobbing is what’s normally used to describe any style of emotional abuse or work conflict like harassment or verbal abuse on the duty by more than one person.

Workplace mobbing may be thought as a psychological act of terrorism, work bullying, a hostile work atmosphere, psychological manipulation and emotional violence.

Workplace mobbing not only affects a personality’s capability to perform their job at work, it conjointly affects their physical health and mental stability even further.

The target of work mobbing ought to bear in mind that this emotional abuse can place their health in danger and must take immediate and positive steps to prevent this trauma for the sake of his or her health.

Workplace mobbing will lead the victim into the development of post traumatic stress disorder. this suggests that the person would need to find medical aid to assist him with his depression and be placed on medication if this can not be stopped now.

Workplace mobbing will cause migraine headaches, heart pain, vomiting, severe muscle pain, chronic abdomen issues, back pain and lots of different physical ailments. All of the physical issues are neurotic in nature.

On a psychological level, work mobbing will grow to be depression, insomnia, affected by anxiety or rage. work mobbing conjointly leads the victim to under perform and generally take pleasure in unreasonable and reckless behaviors like drinking in excess or doing drugs.

Researchers have found that the majority of victims of work mobbing are sometimes extremely aggressive. These individuals have a low level of tolerance which might create them to lose their cool with simply the slightest stimulant. Anxiety is the downside that a lot of work mobbing victims suffer from. they need low vanity, don’t trust anyone and fully haven’t any confidence in themselves or the individuals around them.

Workplace mobbing generally has one person or bully that enlists the assistance of others to tear the victim down, kill their confidence, sabotage their work, take credit for the target’s work and unfold false rumors concerning them.


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9 Responses to Workplace Mobbing Is It All Against One?

  1. Anon says:

    I was a victim of this. One girl on my team kept shouting across at me, undermining me every time I tried training someone or dealing with an issue. One weekend I was so annoyed that I nearly handed in my notice and start looking for contract work. My supervisor also female told me that need to bare in mind I work with strong personalities and she would be saying it to everyone. Eventually I emailed vthe girl, asked her what her issue was and that she was making me look bad at my job. She came back with oh sorry didn’t mean it. Then few days later dept head met with me to say a few people reported it to him and he would discuss with her, it never happened again.

  2. Margaret says:

    I think this is excellent, I had a massive argument with my boss today as he is always picking on me for mistakes & it makes me really nervous, my father passed away when I was young & my Mum is older now & she gets angina pains if I tell her, family are not at all helpful, the co workers don’t care, amazingly enough in my old job there were 2 people who actually cared enough about me to help me, wish they were at this job, we both said sorry after, but I feel I can’t trust again, if I email him about anything I get yelled at in front of other co workers & if I tell him how I feel he says he’s too busy too listen, whatever can I do, I don’t really want to leave as it’s not easy getting another job these days!

  3. tm says:

    I am currently the target of workplace bullying. The bullies are going around telling everyone I am crazy, when I am not. When I show up for work the team leader goes home telling everyone she cannot work with me. This is a way to get me to leave the company because I do my job and probably pose a threat to her position. All I am doing is my job nothing else. I at first thought it was a spiritual battle but now I know the bullies operate out of fear. I am trying to get a job in my normal job field of insurance but cannot even get an interview.

  4. Judith says:

    Hi Mary,
    It’s a shame people feel that they have to mob others for any reason. You may want to contact a labor law attorney in your state to see if there is anything that can be done as far as lawsuits are concerned. As you may be aware of, there really isn’t a “Law” against workplace bullying which includes mobbing. However, if you do contact an attorney, ask if there might be a discrimination case that can be brought. There are protected classes such as race, gender or age that if used against you by a bully or mob can be cause for litigation.

    Please don’t give up hope and God Bless You.



  5. mary says:

    Can you sue a company for this abuse

  6. HTIMS BOR says:

    Workplace mobbing describes in detail what drove me to be unemployed..i thought i was just a poor exuse for a man.

  7. Febin says:

    I believe ur gift will help me overcome my pain.

  8. Judith says:

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  9. augusta says:

    I really like to receive that book.thank you.

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